The main focus of our Affordable Housing Programs is to provide decent housing, a suitable living environment and expanded economic opportunities to individuals and families with low-incomes as well as homeless men, women and families.

The Door Transitional Housing Program

The Door Transitional Housing Program Christ-centered housing program designed to provide homeless men with structure, supervision and discipline while transitioning to self-sufficiency. This approach ensures that the men will have every effort for positive reintegration into the community. The Door provides for individual transition plans that address issues confronting homeless men as they return to the community which includes: career assessment, managing barriers, transition intervention, job seeking, and career planning and job retention.

Men's Assessment Center

Men's Assessment Center is a Christ-centered short-term emergency shelter designed to connect homeless individuals with their needs based on structured assessments in a triage approach.

• To provide safe, sanitary housing to homeless men;
• To provide a network of services within the community to assist homeless men in searching for transitional or permanent housing and employment; and
• To provide a structured environment that will build character and enhance personal improvement.

Veteran Restoration Housing Program(Up Coming

Research shows that the greatest risk factors for homelessness are lack of support and social isolation after discharge. Veterans have low marriage rates and high divorce rates; and, currently, 1 in 5 veterans is living alone. Social networks are particularly important for those who have a crisis or need temporary help. Without this assistance, they are at high risk for homelessness.

The Department of Veterans Affairs reaches 20% of those veterans in need, leaving hundreds of thousand veterans without supportive services. The Veteran Restoration Housing Program provides housing and supportive services to the homeless veterans in our community. Our programs are geared to increase their skill levels and income, obtain greater self-determination and achieve self-sufficiency.

Re-Entry Partnership Housing Program

Georgia authorities estimated that over 830 convicted felons remained in prison because they could not meet a state mandate to secure stable housing before release. On an average, their stay was extended more than 300 days. Reentry barriers facing many parolees are:

1) lack of housing,
2) lack of credit history that is accepted by landlords,
3) lack of financial resources to secure housing,
4) and frequently lack of access to public housing. It was evident that this target population needed new solutions.

Partnering with Georgia State Pardons and Parole, Vision 21 Re-Entry Partnership Housing Program (RPH) provides released felons with stable housing and food, including those with special needs, such as mental health and substance abuse challenges.

The Door Extension Housing Program (DEHP)

This is a short-term program that provides residential housing for adults who require structure, supervision and discipline while transitioning to self-sufficiency. This program is tailored for individuals who have been court-ordered to a residential living program, as well as, individuals who need temporary housing. Clients may reside in the program for up to 90 days based upon 30 day increments.

DEHP will help clients to learn how to be responsible for their behavior, fundamentals of controlling negative emotions and feelings, and learning strategies and recognizing repetitive, antisocial behavioral patterns. Clients are expected to accept responsibility for behavior, participate in all sessions and classes provided in the program, be responsible for safety planning for the prevention of violence and be non-violent in relationships by utilizing the tools learned in order to maintain healthy relationships.

Living for Success Housing Program

Through collaboration, our program combines in-depth training on the home-buying process to include one-on-one counseling for personalized problem solving and end user support throughout the purchase process. This is a comprehensive and results-oriented program targeted for low-income individuals and families to become renters or homeowners.

Rehab for Life Program

We can help reduce the number of individuals who are homeless due to a lack of affordable permanent housing options, particularly single room occupancy (SRO) units for single individuals. This program is designed to create, repair or preserve affordable rental or owner-occupied housing to provide safe, decent and sanitary housing for low income and or homeless people.


The Youth Development Programs serve as role models for professional development in areas related to curriculum, instruction, youth enrichment, and technology education. These programs are project-based educational enrichment activities, school partnerships, and technology. Our programs provide after school tutoring and mentoring, cultural activities, and computer instruction.

Computers For Kids is provides a chance for youth to gain technology skills through a 8-week computer class and after completion of the program they receive a refurbished computer as well as a Certificate of Technical Achievement. Youth are recommended by organizations working with "at-risk" youth and come to Vision 21 Concepts, Inc. with staff members from that organization to attend classes.

Academic Incentive Program focuses on tutoring and guiding school aged students who are disadvantaged economically, encountering difficulties academically and are at risk of dropping out or failing courses in academic areas where strength is needed; assisting them with homework assignments; aiding in reinforcing basic learning skills; employing techniques in how to learn; demonstrating how to use resources; guiding students in special efforts and projects; and providing social development skills for personal empowerment.


Volunteers are the strength of our program. Through their commitment, patience and enthusiasm, volunteers truly make a huge difference in the lives of our program participants. Vision 21 utilizes volunteers to supplement and enhance the services provided by staff. If you are interested please contact us.


We have been serving the Community over 10 years through Our Community Outreach Programs: 

» Life Skills Classes
» Employability Skills Classes
» Celebrate Recovery
» Food and Clothing Distribution 
» Christmas gifts for needy children

Life Skills Classes

This course will prepare the individual with skills that will eventually lead to abilities to provide leadership in the community. Classes are held on Monday.

Employability Skills Classes
This course is designed to increase the individual's ability to move self-sufficiently within the labor market, gain the knowledge, skills and attitudes an individual must possess and use those assets and present them to employers when seeking employment. Classes are held on Monday.

Celebrate Recovery
This is a recovery ministry based on biblical principles with a goal to let God work through us in providing His healing power through Christ-centered 12 Step Program. Meetings are held on Tuesdays.

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